FUSION 1.0 offers you a system which is completely built into the finished materials, as if the window had merged with the building to become a single entity. FUSION 1.0 system incorporates rim profiles with reinforced binding polyamides and toughened glass, providing better thermal and structural performance. FUSION 1.0 system is innovative, and is the only existing system which is completely built-in on all four sides of the frame, allowing the perfect fusion and continuity between interior and exterior space.

In addition, the FUSION 1.0 system incorporates a gutter capable of channeling a large amount of rainwater even in extreme situations.

This system has achieved exceptional results on leakage tests, with an e1650 class exceptional, (7 classes above class 9a) according to en 12208 + iso en 1027.


FUSION 2.0 is the new minimalist sliding window system from OTIIMA, Much more than a Window, that merge function, performance and maintenance in an innovative and exceptional way, combining the best thermal, acoustic and permeability performances according to air and water tightness, superior design that blends and perfectly integrates the building, and a unique maintenance character, which simplicity like the replacement of the final finishing caps at any time during the life of the building, during or after construction, can be even done by the final user. At the same time, the system still allows it perimeter cavities below the removable finishing caps, to be transformed into technical spaces for different uses, from mechanical fixings to thermal probes for heating, insulation, lighting, and drainage sensors.